You ain't won no blue ribbons George, you ain't no perfect breed.

You ain't got no religion George, you aint't got any creed.

You ain't no perfect beauty when your're behind a mob

But you always do your duty though just a common dog.


Your handy on the Mulga and your honest in the scrub,

You don't mix with the vulgar when I stop about the pub,

You wouldn't steal my tucker if I left it on a log,

Thought you sprang up from the gutter, just a common dog.


Had you won a dozen ribbons you would be well known to fame,

But you only earn your living at the cursed droving game,

But on through life together we peacefully will job

A worn out man, his stock horse and his common Kelpie dog.

Author unknown 1987


My dog is so obedient

He does what he is bid

The sign said "wet paint"

And that is exactly what he did!!!!





Congratulations Rosie for all the hard work that you have done with these three guys over the year - for taking Jack and Mocha to their Australian Titles this year - both winning their titles when they were puppies - Aust.Ch. GoneDrovin Jack "Jack" and Aust. Ch. Wingdari Coolabah Dream "Mocha". For having Bear over half way to his Grand Champion. Again thanks a million for all the work that you have done with the dogs. The three guys are a great credit to you. 

Happy Christmas and New Year and happy showing for 2006.



Four Wingdari owned dogs qualified for The Western Region Top Dog and Puppy of the Year 2005.

Our young two year old dog Aust.Ch.Wingdari Swaga Chaos - "Chaos" - who is a Best Exhibit in Show winner at all Breeds level, multi Best in Group, Runner Up in Group and Classes in Show winner at All Breeds levels. We are now campaigning "Chaos" towards his Grand Champion Title. Reserve Challenge winner at Adelaide and Canberra to his father "Sunaru". "Chaos" is following in his Grandfather's footsteps - the great "Uluru".

Aust. Grand Ch. Mountainmist Olga - "Possum" - Multi, Multi Royal Challenges, Best of Breeds, Reserve Challenges and Runner Up Best of Breeds at Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide Royals. Best Exhibit in Show, Runner Up Best Exhibit in Show wins at Speciality and All Breeds levels. Multi Class in Show winner, Best in Group, Runner Up Best in Group. 

Possum is following in her sire's footsteps - Aust. Grand Ch. Wingdari Uluru - who is the top winning Kelpie - "The Aussie Living Legend" - Uluru has won at every main Royal Dog Show in Australia except Perth and Darwin which we have not shown Uluru at for reasons of distance and work time frames. Wingdari owned dogs have won a Best of Breed at Darwin Royal with "Butterbone Fast Lane" Uluru's mother. At Darwin Royal a Wingdari puppy won Baby Puppy in Show which was owned by D. Neumann.

Wingdari Shes True Blue - "Bindi" - qualified for 6 to 9 months Sweepstakes. Bindi performed exceptionally well and did herself justice on the day. Being a blue Kelpie it is very hard as judges will look over the coloured dog for the chocolate, red or black Kelpies. But true to her name "being a true blue Aussie" she strutted her stuff and behaved wonderfully.

Our latest edition to our family Aust.Ch. Dygae Ice Capade - "Freeza" a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I would like to thank Mrs Di Baillie of Dygae Pembroke Welsh Corgies, Victoria sincerely for allowing and entrusting us with "Freeza". "Freeza" performed beautifully and was was a credit to her breeder. In the time that we have had "Freeza" has won Runner Up Best Exhibit in Show All Breeds, Best in Group, Intermediate Classes in Show, and many classes in Group as well as Best of Breeds. Freeza is now on her way to her Grand Champion Title.

We were very proud of the four dogs.


We have had a great year for enquiries from overseas countries. 

In the latter part of 2005 we had visitors from Holland and Sweden to stay at our property "Wingdari". There will be more dogs going to both these countries in the coming months. We have exported a chocolate bitch Wingdari Outback Dust "Milly" to The Prague, In the Czech Republic to be shown in Europe, also to compete in obedience and agility. Also we have had enquiries from other various countries which are are now looking into.

Wingdari have had a busy year with moving to the new property, setting up kennels and fencing paddocks for horses and goats. Hopefully now 2006 we will be out there again campaigning our new babies along with the Australian Champions.

Take care and I wish everyone a healthy, happy and safe Christmas and New year.

From everyone here at Wingdari Australian Kelpie Stud, Australia.

Forbes Eugowra District Kennel Club
Judge Mr E Boxhall (Vic).
Again Chaos is following in his Grandfather's footsteps. Only two years old and already putting his mark on the breed. Already a multi Best in Group, Runner Up Best in Group and Best in Show winner - Chaos was again ran first by the judge for Best in Show but was against some top multi winning older Best in Show dogs - he moved beautifully but the Afghan Hound and the Siberian Husky won the two awards. To be there in top company and be chosen in the top cut of dogs is an honour for the Chaos.



Aust.Ch.Wingdari Swaga Chaos just won BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW ALL BREEDS under the judge Mrs K Eldred (NSW). "Chaos" won from a good field of dogs including Best in Show stock. This now makes "Chaos" sitting in third place on the Dogz Online Point Score for Top Kelpie 2005. Chaos has this lead from only three shows - we are hopeful that he can gain some more points before the end of the year. This now qualifies "Chaos" for the Western Region Top Dog Competition and the Top Dog of the Year for 2005 Competition. "Chaos" has a brother "Vilkuu" in Finland who won at the Helsinki International Show the Junior World Champion and his half sister "Jaffa" won Junior World Champion at the World Dog Show in Germany. "Kim" from Holland his aunt won at the World Dog Show in Budapest, World and Junior World Champion. 

Wingdari dogs are consistently winning both here and overseas. I would like to thank Arjan, Henny, Marika and Mira for all the hard work that they put into their dogs they are a credit to you.

The Prague Czech Republic

Our first Kelpie was sent to The Prague Czech Republic - WINGDARI OUTBACK DUST (Milly). Milly will be trained to do search/rescue, tracking, obedience, agility and also be shown in the ring. When shown here in Australia Milly was a consistent winner of the baby puppy bitch class over her other sister Tilly. Milly won Baby in Group just about 14 weeks old.

Adelaide Royal Show (2004)

At Adelaide Royal Dog Show the Wingdari show team of dogs won SEVEN of the EIGHT CLASSES at the Royal. Wingdari did not have a junior bitch entered in the eighth class. Wingdari owned dogs won Challenge Dog, Challenge Bitch, Reserve Dog and Bitch, Best of Breed, Runner Up Best of Breed, winning both Puppy Dog and Bitch classes and then Best Puppy of Breed. Marie then flew back for General Specials to Adelaide from Canberra to show Sunaru and Kim. Sunaru won RUNNER UP BEST EXHIBIT IN THE WORKING DOG GROUP AND BEST AUSTRALIAN WORKING DOG IN SHOW. Kim was ran for Best Puppy in Group with the Corgi puppy. What a great Royal for the Wingdari team - not many kennels can say that they have won so many awards at the one Royal Show.

Aust. Grand Champion Mountainmist Olga is THE OZDOG TOP DOG AUSTRALIAN KELPIE WINNER IN AUSTRALIA FOR 2004 and Olga also qualified for TOP SHOW DOG FOR THE YEAR 2004. Our lovely black/tan bitch WINGDARI SHEARERS TRUBLU also qualified for PUPPY OF THE YEAR FOR 2004.

Wingdari Gonedrovin Jack

Congratulations to Rosemarie and "Jack" on their outstanding wins in the past months. "Jack qualified in South Australia for Puppy of the Year" - Jack is sired by Wingdari Outback Mac and his dam is Wingdari No Worries. Jack is now just twelve months old and is eleven points off his Australian Title.


Jackie with Gemma from Nowra have just gained their JD. Congratulations Jackie and Gemma and I now believe that you are off chasing further titles.

Congratulations to Lucy Joynson from Townsville. Lucy has been hard at training her guys. Wingdari Red N Tan E.T., A.D.X., J.D.X. has been doing exceptionally well. Lucy is also training another dog Outback Lass A.D., E.T., J.D.X., J.D. who is out of Wingdari Irish Creme and by my old dog Lemert Son O Clancy. Also Mr M R Holland from Queensland has been winning with Luack Jo who was bred by Lucy Joynson and out of Wingdari Red N Tan and by Lucy's lovely dog Luack Indiana. Congratulations.

Another dog doing well is Tammy and she is out of my blue bitch Wingdari Lavenda Blue. Tammy has achieved C.D., E.T., A.D.X., H.I.T., J.D.X.

Very proud to be associated with such brilliant agility, obedience dogs.

At home here at Wingdari - our lovely girl Olga (Poss) has again won another Runner Up in Show at the Working Dog Club in Sydney. The judge was Mr J Elston (SA). Mr Elston is a well known General Specials judge and Kelpie breeder with forty years experience in the breed. Mr Elston also awarded our young dog Aust.Ch.Wingdari Swaga Chaos Intermediate in Show.


Wagga All Breeds Kennel Club
Judge: Ms M Joyce (Victoria)
Challenge Bitch
Best of Breed


Wagga All Breeds Kennel Club
Judge: Ms M Joyce (Victoria)
Challenge Dog
Runner Up Best of Breed


Murray Bridge All Breeds Championship Dog Show
Judge: Mr M Bungey of Western Australia 
Best of Breed, Junior of Breed & Junior in Group
All Breeds Championship Show
Murray Valley Kennel Club 
on 11/7/04











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